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Actravia Solutions
Actravia comes in standard and professional editions. We also offer Customized solutions to meet more exacting requirements. We can provide single site, multi site and time based licensing options.

Actravia Professional Services
Typically Actravia is installed by a technical user such as your Website Developer or Site Administrator. However, if you need assistance getting setup or want to unleash the full power of Actravia, we offer a range of implementation, hosting and support services. Contact for more information.

Actravia Group Solutions
Actravia can be installed as part of a group website solution either as seperate instances per site so your members/ subscribers can manage their own events, or as a centralized events database, published across many websites but with a single administration center.  

Actravia Customized Solutions
Talk to us about customised solutions. Actravia is a great framework that can be extended to meet your registration and ticketing requirements.
More Info

Actravia is an innovative web based platform for Training and Event organizers. Actravia brings online marketing, registration, enrollment, administration and payment processing into a single online center of operations.

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