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Actravia 4.0 - Super Customizable Module for Online Booking
Actravia 4.0

The professional toolkit for event registration & payment management

For events registration and management with payment collection, Actravia is the right software to implement whether for a private college, business, school, sports association or membership organisation looking to reduce costs, increase revenue and build better customer relationships. Use Actravia to unlock the power of your Dotnetnuke website and make it work for you or your client's organization.

The hidden costs of inefficient event management and communications could be hindering your organisation, creating dissatisfaction with your staff and customers, and making you miss out on opportunities. Actravia will free you from this burden, providing the tools your organisation needs to manage event registration, reducing costs, improving participation and protecting your cash flow.  Use for classes, courses, tournaments, ticketing, conferences or any other activity that requires a booking. 

Actravia is also ideal for building custom registration applications for niche market segments. Talk to us about support and partnering opportunities on co-created solutions. Free update if you purchased after or during June 2013 or purchased an upgrade subscription for version 3.9.

Released Date Oct 2013

Actravia is a far more cost effective solution for event registration than many of the online services out there who can charge in excess of 7.5% of fees for a booking, as well as charging additional booking fees to your clients. With Actravia you keep CONTROL over your cash and data and you are liable only to pay the fees of your payment gateway. Believe it or not, some online event registration providers will hold on to YOUR funds until after your event is completed, depriving you of critical cash flow and exposing you to the risk that funds will be delayed or withheld.

Try Actravia risk free for 30 days.

Download here or select evaluation edition in DNN Store.

"Actravia’s flexibility is amazing..."

"...better all-around experience..."

"...Throughout the entire process, support was great, quick answers and guidance..."

See sidebar for more customer stories.

Supported Payment Gateways


Customer Feedback

We are using Actravia for Booking appointments with maintenance service providers, so not exactly a usual case. Actravia’s flexibility is amazing, at each turn when we wanted to do something outside of the norm, we were able to use the built in tools to extend the functionality for processing orders, interaction with other systems and even payment options.

The ActraviaML templates allowed us to make each event exactly how we wanted it to look and function. Throughout the entire process, support was great, quick answers and guidance to get the job done. Without Actravia, we would be spending much more on a custom developed software suite.

Greg Hamm, CIO Baywest Management Corp

Since we switched to Actravia, we have had a better all-around experience with our client’s registration process. Before Actravia we had a lot of downtime caused by various software issues, and a lot of customer complaints due to the solution in place being cumbersome. We greatly appreciate the product, and look forward to its growth in the future.

We have had a great experience with the Actravia team. They were there with us the whole way ensuring that Actravia met our customization needs. We ran into very few bugs, and the support was a great asset in ensuring the success of the Actravia implementation. In Short—Actravia has alleviated a huge headache from our booking process."

Darryl Barney, Director of IT, Maximized Living

The College of Progressive Education ( has been using the Actravia software for a number of years and have found that the developers are very supportive. The application is easy to understand and user configurable.

With a little knowledge I was able to set up the application for the College and integrate it with the PayPal payments system. We would recommend this application to anyone who has a need for a comprehensive facilities online booking and payments system. "

Jonathan Murphy, Director, College of Progressive Education

Business Support

Pre-Sales: We offer free pre-sales consultation to help you evaluate and explore the functionality.

We highly recommend you configure and test the system prior to purchasing your license. If you need to extend your evaluation period please contact

If you have customisation requirements or need assistance configuring your system we offer these services on a time and materials basis for smaller projects, and on a quotation basis for larger projects.

Post-Sales: If you have specific service support requirements please let us know in advance so that we can make arrangements to provide these as necessary.

We normally provide tier 2 (Change Management) and tier 3 (Engineering) support.

We normally do not provide tier 1 (incident level) support for production systems and we highly recommended you put in place necessary contingency to manage this.

While we do respond to general information requests, feature requests and bug notifications, we do not guarantee any service response outside of agreed service contracts.

If you do need assistance outside of a service contract, support can be provided on an ad-hoc basis.

Upgrades: We strongly recommend you put in place staging servers for managing upgrades. While every effort is made to maintain backward compatibility, sometimes additional steps may be required to migrate an earlier version of Actravia to the latest release. Support for upgrades should be requested if needed in advance of a planned upgrade.



You can list your events using a variety of methods. Upcoming list gives you a default list where each event is chronologically displayed along with a booking link. Custom schedule display allows you to use tokenized html templates for an event type or alternatively build your own. Every event and event type list is accessible via parameterized URL.


Pro edition supercategory tools allow you a cross category collection of events and event types, giving you a comprehensive linkable hierarchy collection of supercategory->category->event type->scheduled event. The supercategory module allows you to use image links and create tokenized list templates to display results.


Actravia supports a range of navigation options for your website to direct users to your registration pages. Use calendar, upcoming list, supercategory, DNN search or the power search tools to assist your users find and book easily. Even if the booking is to take place on an external system, or indeed direct them to call instead, you can easily customize the booking links to redirect when appropriate.


Actravia has many calendar features. Apart from a visual calendar overview of the events in the system, you can also allow users to download an .ics file for all events, an event type or an individual event.


Actravia will automatically warn you when you are double booking on a venue, ensuring that you don't have conflicts. For administrators you can also download a calendar for a venue, giving you a clear overview of the utilisation level.


Actravia provides support for the DNN search engine providing template search functionality so that you can book directly from the search results page. You can also customize the search results to suit the event properties you wish to display.

In addition, the pro-edition powersearch tool allows for drill down search by date, category & location which links to your pre-defined search results template.



Auto Response

Actravia can be configured to automate booking responses when a registration occurs, optionally notifying all participants, the booking party, the event administrator and your finance department. You can also notify your administrator via SMS using the Clickatel SMS gateway API, helping you respond quickly and communicate effectively with your customers and your internal team.

SMS Messaging

Using the Clickatel SMS service, Actravia supports the ability to send once-off bulk SMS messages to your event participants. Great for instant notifications of late news where you need to inform people in a hurry, e.g. change of venue, cancellations, etc.

email Templates

With Actravia you can create a stock of email templates (fully tokenized) that can be used to automatically generate ad-hoc emails to all or selected  participants. With a single click you can bulk mail all participants for an individual event, saving you time and effort and improving communications.


Actravia supports printing templates using ActraviaML to allow you to retrieve registration details in a printable form which you can use as required to maintain a paper record of your attendees or to generate forms for signature.

Attendee Listing

Use the handy jQuery popup and tokenized template to display an event attendee list either publically or privately from the event listing. Get comprehensive details in the event management screen as well.

Actravia - Peace of Mind

Robust Application

With 100s of installations handling many transactions every day, we have many happy customers using Actravia.

Regular Updates

We release regular updates for Actravia and we aim to have one major release every quarter with several minor updates in between. Historically we have achieved this goal as part of our commitment to our clients.

Dedicated Support

With Actravia your support requests always finds the highest level of product knowledge, so you will never experience the frustration of dealing with a support service that does not understand the product or the technical details.

Committed to Dotnetnuke

Through our company, 3rd i, we have been working with Dotnetnuke since the iBuySpy portal days and have dedicated a large part of our technical resources to providing Dotnetnuke solutions.

Professional Services

We provide a range of professional services designed to help you achieve your goals with the technologies we offer. Contact for enquiries or further information.

On Trend - Mobile & Social

Our product strategy is very much trend aware, keeping in touch with all the latest technical developments. Expect to hear more from us over the coming weeks and months to keep you and your Actravia installation up to date.



Actravia features ActraviaML, a form definition and processing language using XML. ActraviaML supports many different form controls and processing functions that can be used to customize the registration process.

Electronic Payments

Actravia supports integration with 3rd party payment gateways. By default we support PayPal but we also have plug-ins for Authorize.NET, Payfast and Worldpay. Actravia also supports dynamic loading of the gateway interface (more details below under the extensibility section). You can also specify a payment account on a per module instance or per event basis.


Either in template or classic mode, registration can be specified as single or multi, allow registration for individuals or groups to be managed on an event by event basis. 

Public / Private

Create limited registration that allows events to be made only available to authenticated users with specific roles. You can also choose to allow different pricing and payment options to specific roles, for example setting different prices for different member types, or allowing members to be invoiced instead of paying online.

Optional Booking

Create selectable options for your registrations. Options support pricing, selection limits, quantities or single select. Choose whether or not an option applies to a group or an individual.

User Select Pricing

Actravia supports user selectable pricing where the person purchasing selects the price they want for a registrant, e.g. Adult/Child or Student/Member etc. Selectable pricing can be enforced by security role or open, where the user chooses.

Form Mode

Using Actravia in form mode allows you to use an ActraviaML template as a standalone form for your website. Forms are served with the next upcoming registration form being presented by the module without dates or other descriptions being displayed.


We realise that not everyone uses the same terminology for events. With Actravia you can customize key phrases within the application to suit your needs, helping you communicate with your audience (members, students etc...) the way you need to.


Facebook Social Tools

Talk to us about implementing our Facebook social tools. Expose each event descriptor separately to the Facebook social graph, enabling embedded Facebook search. Integrate directly into Facebook using Actravia in reference mode, providing both a web and a Facebook page presence for your Actravia app.


Generate RSS feeds from your Actravia module which can be used to feed lists on your own website or directly into 3rd party sites or other RSS clients such as Microsoft Outlook.

Reference mode

Reference mode is a powerful feature of Actravia, allowing a module instance in another portal to list and accept bookings directly on behalf of a source module. Registration templates can be customized for the reference template so that the process can be tailored to suit the reference portal to support different website layouts.

API Integration

ActraviaML supports post registration processing via HTTP GET/POST. Use variable tokens to retrieve information from the registration such as names, id, email address etc. Great for linking with 3rd party CRM, other modules or other external system.

ActraviaML also adds the ability to call a series of SQL Stored Procedure with tokenized parameters, allowing a further level of post registration processing.


Order Processing

Life can get complicated if different pricing rules apply to your bookings when users can select different requirements like subsidies, tax rates, etc. Actravia provides a facility to develop your own logic to modify an order during the booking process where you can query the required rules and properties and modify your pricing accordingly.

Payment Processing

Actravia supports plug-in payment processors which are dynamically loaded at run time. Payment processors can work as a redirect or as a direct API call. We currently support PayPal, Authorise.NET, Worldpay (Beta) and Payfast. Talk to us if you wish to integrate with another gateway or need support developing your own.

Custom Properties

Customization is at the heart of Actravia so with Actravia you can define new fields and settings without the need to make changes to the database. Define custom properties for event types where you need to display extended information in templates or results lists, or to act as variables in any of the extensions or APIs.

In addition you can store extended information for any registration simply by declaring it in an ActraviaML template, and retrieve the information later onscreen, in email or in process using tokens or the Actravia DB API.

Custom Settings

Module settings can also be extended to support new features and functionality. For example, payment processors typically have their own settings for merchant information, as does our Facebook integration for Application ID. Using custom module settings, modules instances are extended to support these features.

Release Notes for Version 4.0

  • DNN7 overhaul and testing. Many enhancements and improved compatibility with DNN7
  • Updated install package to the DNN5. The installation works against DNN v6+. The software is still backward compatible with DNN 4.8.4 plus but may require manual file copying and script execution
  • Added custom permissions to separate user roles between system setup, event setup and event administration
  • Actravia can also now be installed directly from the DNN extensions bar
  • Evaluation Activation keys can now be acquired in module without requesting from the website
  • Many improvements in token processing in templates, screens and emails
  • Can now use mail templates to generate invoices which can be sent direct to the client or to the internal administrator
  • Event bookable options can now be saved and used as a template for other events
  • Additional hooks added to modify the order prior to display to support additional business rules
  • Can now invoke a class function through Ajax in the form templates. The framework can load your class and assign context to it when derived from ThirdI.Modules.EventbookingBase
  • Can now invoke at the beginning of a template to seed session variables to be used on the form.
  • "Mark as Paid" now an option in the event registration list
  • Localisation capability enhancements
  • Many other bug fixes and enhancements



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