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Everyday Actravia is handling 1000's of online registrations and payments for our clients worldwide. Get started now and discover why Actravia is the best off the shelf, customizable booking solution for any web based content management system.

Rating: 5.0
Best solution I have tried for scheduling events and classes, the support has been outstanding. The support has been swift and accurate, also their willingness to embrace ideas and work towards getting them incorporated have been outstanding. I have to give this module 5+ stars - Thorbjoern B. Schibelfeldt , TBS Consulting, Systems Consultant

Since we switched to Actravia, we have had a better all-around experience with our client’s registration process. Before Actravia we had a lot of downtime caused by various software issues, and a lot of customer complaints due to the solution in place being cumbersome. We greatly appreciate the product, and look forward to its growth in the future. We had tried multiple DNN Registration modules, but Actravia was the only one to effectively do what we needed. We were glad to make the switch, and have no regrets! Darryl Barney, Director of IT,

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