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Actravia is an innovative web based platform for Training and Event organizers. Actravia brings online marketing, registration, enrollment, administration and payment processing into a single online center of operations.

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Jun 29

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ActraviaML allows you to make HTTP GET/POST requests during the enrollment processing cycle - applies to version 3.7 +

HTTP Request Methods Example:


<webrequest foreachparticipant="true" desturl="http://localhost/dnn613/DesktopModules/ThirdI.EventBooking/testpost.aspx" method="GET" contenttype="text/plain" saveas="testget">
<request varname="signup" >[ord:SIGNUPID]</request>
<request varname="participantid">[part:PARTICIPANTID]</request>
<request varname="participantfirstname">[part:FIRSTNAME]</request>
</webrequest >

<webrequest foreachparticipant="true" desturl="http://localhost/dnn613/DesktopModules/ThirdI.EventBooking/testpost.aspx" method="POST" contenttype="application/x-www-form-urlencoded" saveas="testpost">
<request varname="signup" >[ord:SIGNUPID]</request>
<request varname="participantid">[part:PARTICIPANTID]</request>
<request varname="participantfirstname">[part:FIRSTNAME]</request>
</webrequest >


Explanation of XML Elements and Attributes.


The submit processing element contains all of the enrollment processing functionality. It contains the subelements needed for code execution, sql procedure calls and webrequest.


Each webrequest contained in the <SubmitProcessing> section will be executed in order.

Attributes for webrequest:

  • foreachparticipant - specify foreachparticpant="true" if you wish to create a web request for each participant in an order. In addition to cycling through each partcipant and invoking a request each time, this also allows the participant information tokens to be executed in context for each participant.
  • desturl - specify the url to call for the request.
  • method - allowed values are POST|GET corresponding to http get or post
  • contenttype - sets the request header content type
  • saveas -  saves the result of the request to the signup or participant settings table depending on the perpartcipant attribute. (version 3.7 saves all results to the signup settings table. Participant save introduced with v3.8)


Each webrequest contains a variable number of request elements which corresponds to the GET or POST data to be sent in the HTTP request.

  • varname - this is the name of the post or get value to be encoded in the URL.
  • Element value - The value of the element is the data to send. This value will be token processed and HTMLEncoded before the request is sent




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